Centenary: Instructions

Competition Entries - by 12 November 2021. To mark our centenary and celebrate our work with schools and colleges in the Tees Valley area (including Whitby and Stokesley), we are organising a competition for school pupils. Scientists and engineers in and around the Tees Valley are playing an important role in addressing local and global issues, and we would like young people to find out about some of the things which are happening.

The competition is to create the best submission entitled “Tees Valley of Tomorrow”.  The submission subject is to be chosen by the pupil, and there are plenty  of subjects to choose from which are Tees Valley related, for example:

Combating climate change – what to do with CO2?

Plastics – for better or worse?

Vaccines & how they work

Life on Mars?

Hydrogen – the perfect fuel?

Electric Cars – challenges and solutions

Renewable energy

Your submission could be an essay or report, a news article, a poster, an information booklet, even a work of art; creativity is encouraged!  

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